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WMR100NA always drops off WU

Posted: Fri Jul 21, 2017 6:50 am
by superzee
I am running a WMR100NA on a Sheeva Plug that uploads to Weather Underground under KAZTEMPE47. The station often falls off line and the Meteohub error log always gives this reason:

2017.07.20 22:37:13 WeatherPlug: weathernet: No data upload to weather networks as sensor selected on weather network page for outdoor temp, outdoor humidity or outdoor dewpoint is not providing recent data.:

When I look at the WMR100NA screen, I can see the outdoor temperature and humidity it is feeding the console. Does anyone know what causes this? I have tried 2 different outdoor temperature sensors and still have the problem. The one I'm using now is a THGR810.

Thanks for the help.