Add support for HOMEWEATHERSTATION template

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Post by weatherist34 » Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:27 am

weatherist34 wrote:
Fri Oct 06, 2017 10:16 am
admin wrote:
Sun May 28, 2017 11:19 pm
Support will be added to the next update coming soon.

New feature will be in the Meteobridge weather network section, as we did for the Meteotemplate. Upload template will expect to find a mb.php script at the user-defined server URL and it will report data via a HTTP GET request. mb.php takes filled template given via URL parameter "d" and stores this into a realtime.txt file on the server.

Template used to generate this file can be adapted independent from future Meteobridge releases and is located at: ... n.template
added database support this is exclusive for meteobridge users and my commitment to developing further solely for meteobridge .thanks to Boris
sorry it took so long to setup the meteobridge you sent many months ago but now I can focus properly and begin to really understand how it works
and a week in use Im seeing lots of benefits and possible ideas for the near future..

good morning you can now download the MYSQL version which is kind of exclusive to the meteobridge API users . i have included a set up guide in the download .

basically the meteobridge is doing everything from inserting in to database , creating chart files for year, month and daily maintenance which prevents the database becoming excessive in size i.e millions of rows which in time will drag your server to a slow performance , MYSQL is efficient but also realise there is a cpu PERFORMANCE HIT especially noticeable on low cost shared hosting environments. doing daily maintenance or weekly maintenance keeps everything running efficiently. remember I hate slow performing websites
so I always try to find a way to avoid adding something new and then only to find its a performance hit..

so example.. 10 visitors to your site all simultaneously calling millions of rows from your database result equals big slow down !!

in the download if you read the set up guide mbx5mysqlsetup.pdf you will see how i set it all up without any use of cron jobs and added a small maintenace script to run at end of each day at 00:00 . in the setup guide there are images to help . snippet below. as always available at and is running at

*note only this version MB-X5MYSQL and a WF-X5 weatherflow version of the template will receive any further development. the other versions what is available today is has far Im going with them i.e. weather display,cumulus,ws1001 and the standard NON api meteobridge version.

so only MB-X5MYSQL & WF-X5(not released yet) will be developed on. the other downloads as they are are fully working and there is a good amount of forum support for those if needed from many weather enthusiasts which use the those versions.

1.enter your phpmyadmin screen via cPanel
or whichever method you use to access.
2.create a database called weatherstation / highlight database called weatherstation import the weatherstation.sql file
provided in the download .

if all was done correctly you should see some sample values *note it contains sample
data this has to be removed before you connect
your meteobridge to the database.

now empty the database using the operations tab

Part 2.
meteobridge setup , meteobridge is going to
do all the work for us . *note we do not need any
cron job services or setup of cron job we are going to
simulate and let meteobridge do everything.

these files are in the folder /mdbfiles
stationcron.php services tab shown above
2.GOTO new select service and choose
3.GOTO select event type and choose
4.set the stationcron.php url to run
every 15 minutes.

1.GOTO new select service and choose
3.GOTO select event type and choose
Specific Time
4.set the addtoyear.php url to run
every 23:45.

1.GOTO new select service and choose
3.GOTO select event type and choose
Specific Time
4.set the empty.php url to run
every 00:00.

you can manually test these but please empty
the tables via (TRUNCATE) method afterwards.


open easyweathersetup.php add in the following

1.add database username
2.add database password
3.database name weatherstation

then check other settings.

and save.

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Re: Add support for HOMEWEATHERSTATION template

Post by weatherist34 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 10:48 am

(Updated 7th October 2017)
(Update fixes for conversions of metric to non metric in the charts,also windgust correction .missed apikey for forecast fixed tnx Josep)
34-X5 MB-X5SQL (4.1MB)


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Re: Add support for HOMEWEATHERSTATION template

Post by admin » Sat Oct 07, 2017 11:57 am

Thanks for making those improvements available to the the Meteobridge community. :D

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