Leuven-Template release 2.7 (beta)

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Leuven-Template release 2.7 (beta)

Post by wvdkuil » Thu May 28, 2015 6:26 pm

If you want to test the Beta now and do not want to wait until mid June, click the avatar on the right to send a pm, and please also mention the URL of your current Leuven-Template (test) site

Link to Beta demo site: http://weather-template.nl/weather27/
Use the (i) in yellow box at the top to switch region and weather program.
Be aware that this is a extremely low-cost provider so do not expect the response times as fast as usual.

WiKi: in mEnglish (=my not native English without a spell-checker) : http://leuven-template.eu/dokuwiki27/do ... d=en:start

List of some of the changes:
  • only two tag files, a 5 minute "all tags" file not compatible with previous release[
    and a 30 seconds realtime only file mostly compatible, current realtime files which do not have to be changed are clientraw, steelseries meteobridge http
    the uploads are in .txt format so to avoid php errors
    introduction of _my_texts, _my_scripts folders to separate user modifications from the download script
    smaller settings file as user settings are in a separate file
    realtime data is shown immediately in dashboard and gauges, all values on 1 page should be the same now
    the small images (rain, thunder a.s.o.) when clicked on are displayed in original size on top of the page, a link button will go to the full page
    shorter menus possible as one can "hide" menu items which can still be used in a link
    upload folder only contains uploaded files
    • 1 main tag file[
      optional 1 yesterday tag file as some weatherprograms do not have yesterday values
      1 realtime file (OR 4 when clientraw is together with WD-Live
      and the images for the gauges (when no clientraw) and the stations graphs page
    all 11 weather-programs can use the gauges and 9 of them with graphs in the pop-up
    pre-installed WD-Live, wxwugraphs a.s.o., no customization needed
    partners are displayed better and can adapted to your needs, far more easier then in the previous release
For new users life will be easier as implementation effort is far less. And far less support for new users will be needed.
Current 2.6 users should wait until release 3.0 as the amount of new pages a.s.o. is relatively small.

But any current user who loves to tinker with PHP is welcome to try this beta release.
One can easily run the two versions next to each other as the default folder after download is weather27.
  • download and unzip
    upload as weather27/
    Set all settings to your liking following the WiKi
    Set your weather program to upload the two new files to your current (often weather2/upload??/) upload folder
    Instruct the new version to use the data from your current (example: '../weather2/upload??/) folder.
and you can adapt, test, try to your liking.
If the new version is OK you can switch by renaming the folders: weather2/ to weather2old/ and weather27/ to weather2/
No other changes necessary.

Officialy needed warning: :oops: it is still BETA as only a few Dutch speaking persons tested this release.
But very big changes are not expected. And the separation between the template "scripts/lang files/links/ CSS" and user modified "scripts/lang files/links/ CSS" will make loading a new version less cumbersome,


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