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Possibility to use Meteobridge to read data from Youless energy monitors solar

Posted: Mon Mar 22, 2021 4:43 pm
by wspronk
I am a very happy user of the Meteobridge Pro black for my weather station and all except the SFTP to Strato, all is working very fine.
But I was thinking that it could be very useful for many to also be able to read the data from a Youless LS120 energy monitor.
It is on the same network, it returns a json string after a request of and that contains data on solar power and electricity and gas usage from the house.
This could be a welcome extra in the Meteobridge and the Youless LS120 energy monitor is used in many houses.
Then this data could be displayed on the same webpage as the rest and nice graphs could be generated.
The json string returned is something like:
[{"tm":1616423970,"net": 933.957,"pwr":-73,"ts0":1616423968,"cs0": 10379.144,"ps0": 458,"p1": 4021.193,"p2": 3848.036,"n1": 2130.524,"n2": 4804.748,"gas": 4995.695,"gts":2103221535}]
And can be easily converted in useful data.
Please let me know if something like this could be considered.

Willy Spronk.