WMR100 temperature and humidity trends

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WMR100 temperature and humidity trends

Post by gm4jjj » Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:48 pm

I see from meteohub documentation:
As the protocol of the WMR 100 is not well published (Oregon does not provide me with information on this) not all aspects of functionality are available for Meteohub at the moment. The most important things are understood and correctly decoded, but some things you can see on the LCD of the WMR 100 still remain unsupported:
Tendency for temperature and humidity is not supported.
Ranking of wind speeds by means of a small or big flag on the LCD is not supported.

Have you seen this unofficial protocol, which includes info on trends?

http://github.com/ejeklint/WLoggerDaemo ... rotocol.md

Perhaps you will be able to incorporate that? - Would be great. Thanks.

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