I am looking for second one weather station

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I am looking for second one weather station

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I actually use RMS 300 weather station linked with USB to NSLU2 server.
Weather station is equiped by 3 wireless sensors and 1 is dedicated to external temperature.

It works well but I have 2 problems :
- connection between station and external sensor is very bad (most of the time I have no signal). I really don't understand this point because they are quite close
- I have no enough sensors in my house (I miss at least 2 sensors but 4 more will be the best)

So I will maybe buy a second weather station in order to solve those problems. And I am looking for informations in order to make the good choice.

Ideally I would like to put second weather station in another room than first one so first question : is there any weather station linkable to NSLU2 via ethernet cable through internal switch ?

After that I have to precise that I am only interested by temperature so I am looking for something quite simple (no need of rain analysis, weather prevision, etc.).
And of course I have to be sure that connection with external sensor will be enough "strong"...

With all those requests I have the feeling that I will not find...

Thanks by advance for your help

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