Metehub Whislist (to migrate from Meteobridge to Meteohub)

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Metehub Whislist (to migrate from Meteobridge to Meteohub)

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I'm using Meteobridge for my 'production' site and testing a Meteohub setup.

It's a very nice pice of software with a lot of functions (multiple dataloggers etc).

The things I miss and what Meteobridge well can:
- Sent email warnings/notification when a specific temperature is reach (or else) with the same schedule options as on Meteobridge
- Upload data to own MYSQL database
- Twitter upload function
- One-Time alarms feature
- Script execution

I would love it if these functions also available are in Meteohub.
The it will, in my opinion an even better product.

I think the underline hardware has enough resources to handle above feature requests.

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