Losing RF connection VP2 with MBpro

Davis Vantage Pro2, Pro1 (not firmware A)

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Losing RF connection VP2 with MBpro

Post by weerwantijdijk » Thu May 30, 2019 5:15 pm

Since a few weeks I’ve got a new Davis VP2 ISS in the garden and a Windsensor on the roof. I’m using now 2 Vantage Vue displays, one with a NanoSD for Twitterfeeds and W34 template (not redirected, but RF both) and 1 just to watch. And a MBpro wich is feeding my website. Since a few days my MBpro is losing RF connection with the VP2 or the Windsensor and I don’t understand why that suddenly happened.
Before the VP2 and Windsensor I used the Vantage Vue on the roof, 1 Vue display and never had any problems with the signal.

Is it possible that the both Vue display’s are interfering a strong available signal for the MBpro ?
Boris already checked my signals and I repositioned my MBpro to another room as were the second Vue displays stands. That seemed too work for a while, but as I wrote Boris “ it works fine now” I’ve lost the signal from the Windsensor; very annoying. :evil:

Somebody some useful tips? Maybe buying a stronger RF Antenna for the MBpro ? Thanks in advance!

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