Vantage Pro 2 with Meteobridge to UK Met Office WOW

Davis Vantage Pro2, Pro1 (not firmware A)

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Vantage Pro 2 with Meteobridge to UK Met Office WOW

Post by Frazer » Thu Nov 09, 2017 10:07 pm

I am assisting a primary school in reinstating a weather station that was vandalised. Due to changes to local IT policies a 24/7 PC can't be used so Meteobridge is the solution. Meteobridge will be connected via USB (through a small hub) and wired LAN.

It will be some time before all the sensors are fully restored but in the mean time we need to get the system logging test data to the WOW site.

Questions are as follows.

1. Does the altitude setting in the Meteobridge correct the barometric data from the Vantage Pro 2? The console itself applies a correction based on the altitude and it would not be desirable to correct again in the Meteobridge.
2. Does anyone know precisely what data the Vantage Pro 2 puts out? We can't test that fully at present and Davis have not responded to enquiries.
3. Does the Meteobridge add or change any data? For example the console already has lat, long and altitude but this data is entered again in the Meteobridge. It is not clear if this data is used in any way, added to the data from the console, substituting data from the console or just ignored.

Any help gratefully appreciated.

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Re: Vantage Pro 2 with Meteobridge to UK Met Office WOW

Post by Mattk » Thu Nov 09, 2017 11:29 pm

1. Yes, what MB reads is the raw pressure not the VP2 corrected pressure

2. You might need to explain what you mean a little further, do you really need to know this, the MB knows what it's doing in uploading to WOW. All you need is a ID & password

3. The MB data and console data are 2 separate things

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