W8681 USB hang up - my solution.

WH-1080 weather station is also known as Watson W-8681, WX-2008, National Geographic 265 NE, Elecsa 6975 and 6976.

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W8681 USB hang up - my solution.

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Hi All,

I have always had intermittent USB hang up with the W8681 with the Meteobridge (also with a laptop running Cumulus).
The station could run for 1 or 2 days or more without a problem, sometimes only a few hours, there was no pattern.
My solution was to fit two clip-on ferrite rings (just a loop through the ring), one on the power (USB) cable and one on the USB cable between the Meteobridge and the W8681. :idea:

Since fitting them I've had no problems. :D

It seems that the W6861 USB is susceptible radio frequency interference the WIFI.

John in UK.

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