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Language support for clientraw/WDL

Post by wvdkuil » Tue Apr 23, 2013 6:17 pm

On the WD/MW live tab ("WD Live" and "Meteoware Live" Support) there is a drop down box with which one can select a language. According to older postings this should give the correct forecast text in the supported languages to be written to the clientraw.txt file. I can only get it to work with English (works always) and German which works when Meteohub itself is set to the German Language.

I try to have the forecasttext in other languages also, at least in Dutch and French for different Meteohub systems, always just 1 language for one Meteohub system.
Selecting Dutch from the dropdown-box with the system in English ==> text remains English.
Loading the language file from and putting that Dutch.lang in the graphs diurectory on Meteohub makes no difference.
Selecting Dutch as system language on the Settingspage, no difference.
Rebooting after the changes; the forecast text in clientraw.txt text remains in English as is the text in the WDL pop-up screen.
Renaming the language file to Nederlands.lang does no work either.

I always wait until the clientraw.txt is uoploaded to check the langauge. It is always English.
Probably I am overloking something, so any help is welcome.
I need this forecast text in Dutch for the Dutch users of my template. And in French for french users.
They complain that the WDL page is in Dutch but not the forecast text on that page.
Example ... x.php?p=21.
And when they are using WD that text is in their native language.

Wim van der Kuil
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