How to migrate data to a new Meteohub platform

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How to migrate data to a new Meteohub platform

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This can be done quite easy by these steps:

1) notice MAC, SYSTEM ID from "System Information" page and ACTIVATION CODE from maintenance page.

2) stop data logging on old system on maintenance page.

3) activate "application data backup" on maintenance page.

4) wait until message that application data backup has been completed appears in "meteohub log" on log files page (this can take a while, regarding your amount of logged data).

5) copy file "meteohub.backup" from Meteohub's pc network drive (file is located in subfolder "public", user is "meteohub", password is "meteohub" ) to your PC.

6) setup new Meteohub system according to instructions in the manual. Update to most recent version.

7) copy "meteohub.backup" file from your PC to new Meteohub's pc network drive into folder "public".

8) Meteohub reboots, when coming up again goto maintenance page and insert new activation code. New activation code can be migrated from data acquired in step 1 by one of the transfer options in License section here:

9) Insert new activation code on "Maintenance" page.

10) Restore from Backup on "Maintenace" page. After that has finished (check "meteohub log" for corresponding messages on "Log Files" page), you might need to enter new activation code again.

That's it.

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