Setup of new SD card for SheevaPlug

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Setup of new SD card for SheevaPlug

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How to do this with a linux system is described in the SheevaPlug installation instructions of Meteohub.

When you have a Windows PC you can setup a new SD card with these steps:

1. Download free software "DiskImage" from "", unzip and install on your Windows PC.
2. Recommendation: First of all, make a complete backup of your PC before going on. When something goes wrong with the following steps you can restore your PC and don't loose any data.
3. Download the most actual Meteohub ScheevaPlug disk image from "" onto your PC.
4. Extract the downloaded RAR archive to a location on your drive you like. The resulting dd file is from now on called "mhplug-vx.x.img".
5. Insert target SC card to the PC by means of a standard USB connected card reader.
6. Start downloaded program "DiskImage", switch to tab "Write Image".
7. Select the "Physical Disk" from drop-down list that corresponds to target SD card. Attention: Check if you really got the "physical disk" entry, otherwise SD card won't do!
8. Select SD stick image "mhplug-vx.x.img" as "Source File".
9. Press "Go!". Warning: Selected drive will be erase. Don't select one of your PC's hard drives! Please double check the selected drive is the right one. Acknowledge to continue. When writing SD card has been finished, SD card can be removed.

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