Meteohub and retrieve data from external XML or txt

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Meteohub and retrieve data from external XML or txt

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Apart from weather stations TFA Nexus, I have added the Meteohub would like Meteohub via measured and store the data from external sensors, other .. Can it Meteohub? I have a weather station connected to the Arduino, including various sensors. Data is generated in TXT or XML.
Could meteohub retrieve such data? If yes, how? is very good weather station in Czech republic neer town Zlin.

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Re: Meteohub and retrieve data from external XML or txt

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You can, but it needs to be in a certain format as per the documentation:
The generic Plug-in weather station allows to connect Meteohub to an alien weather data
logging program. When Meteohub starts data logging, the specified program gets started as
well and Meteohub listens to "/dev/stdout" of the alien logger program. When the logger has
reported a line of data (terminated by a LF and/or CR character) this line of data is added to
the Meteohub data logging and stored in the raw data files. The format of incoming data is
explained in Appendix B. Example: When the alien program returns "th17 209 52"
Meteohub adds a line "20090131120034 th17 209 52 0110" to the raw data, which means:
Sensor th17 has reported 20.9 °C, 53% relative humidity and a dew point of 11.0°C at
12:00:34 31th Jan 2009. In order to make the data evaluated, sensor "thermo/hygro #17"
has to be mapped to a sensor ID on Meteohub's sensor page (see also chapter 2.5).

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