Air Quality Info & Raspberry Pi (+Home Weather Station)

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Air Quality Info & Raspberry Pi (+Home Weather Station)

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Not being able to afford (or ship) a Purple Air AQI sensor I bought a Nova SDS011 AQI sensor kit ... 547&sr=8-4 which measures PM2.5 and PM10 air quality. There are many places to get this sensor kit.

I connected this sensor into my Raspberry Pi and with a bit of Python and PHP I now have 15-min reporting of AQI data.

This can be seen via the Air Quality link is in the footer.
AQI2.PNG (45.37 KiB) Viewed 2857 times

The code for this is a modified version of the Home Weather Station air quality template.

I've also got the data uploading to which has worldwide data from both official stations and volunteer stations. for the map of volunteer stations world wide. ... basings39/ for my specific station.

If anyone wants AQI data and has a Raspberry Pi and would like the code I can post it here.
Jason | @jasonmfarrow

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