LabJack U3-HV not showing AIN-0 HV => AIN-3 HV

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LabJack U3-HV not showing AIN-0 HV => AIN-3 HV

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First post for ages (Meteohub & Meteoplug 'just work' & I've been busy with other stuff...).

I've had a LabJack U3-HV for several years but not used it with Meteohub before. Now I want to monitor a 12V battery that I plan to use as part of a DC supply project (to replace a host of 12V 'wall wart' PSU's), so the U3-HV looks ideal, however none of the 4 'High Voltage'[1] inputs are showing up. Attached are the relevant bits of the Weather Station & Sensor pages:
U3-HV_Weather_Station.PNG (21.73 KiB) Viewed 2331 times
U3-HV_Sensors.PNG (21.47 KiB) Viewed 2331 times
I've made sure the U3-HV & Meteohub are both fully up to date (MH 4.9t running on ALIX.1D). If I attach the U3-HV to a Windows PC I can see the battery on AIN0 just fine.

Any ideas?

[1] In LabJack terminology 'High Voltage' is lower than you might think. The limit is 20V.

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