Lost meteohub IP address and access

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Lost meteohub IP address and access

Post by alpa16 » Sat Apr 09, 2016 11:53 pm

Hi everybody,
my name is Alberto and I'm new to this forum.
This is my first post, although I am a very old user of meteohub.

What happened is that I lost access to my remote meteohub station as the Internet connection IP is changed and my dyndns account for some reason is unable to get synchronized.
I can't access right now to the station physical place as it's very remote so I can't go there and locally configure it.
Of course I know that the station is working because it's normally sending graphical data and Weather Display Live data.

Does anyone now if meteohub software does some sort of ping (maybe to the developer main site to look for more updated version) and get the source IP address from that request? Or if it's publishing some information about itself to any weather site or other site?

Hope to be clear, I wonder if I should directly ask to the developer about this.

Many thanks for your attention.
Best Regards


P.S. Disgracefully I can't get the FTP server access log of the data receiving web site host. I asked to the hosting support but they told me they can give me the FTP server access data only after a police request...

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