RFXCOM interface

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RFXCOM interface

Post by adamjackson » Tue Feb 14, 2017 11:44 am

I have previously developed an interface to an RFXCOM device.

With this device I can control HomeEasy or KAKU devices and receive messages from Oregon weather stations and operate Harrison curtain rails. The device supports many other protocols (X10, RFXmeter) for which I have no hardware to test...

Using luup I tried to develop a device to support this in Vera. But I have stumbled onto a problem. The RFXCOM device is connected to the network and has 2 separate ports for sending en receiving messages.

I thought I could develop a Primary device which creates 2 child devices, one for sending and one for receiving. But I found that did not work. It seems only the master device has support for network io.

How can I do this best? Should I create 2 separate devices, one for sending and one for receiving? And how can I best communicate between these two devices?

I need some direction here..


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