Limiting RFXCOM sensor-types

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Limiting RFXCOM sensor-types

Post by rune » Sun Feb 15, 2015 7:17 pm

I've noticed that Meteohub enables more sensor-types than I use/have and what I've configured in my RFXtrx. Would it be possible for Meteohub to just use the settings from RFXtrx, or at least have the possibility of configuring them from Meteohub?
E.g. adding Hideki & La Crosse, results in quite a few unwanted sensors picked up by Meteohub. I can also see that Meteohub saves the different protocol settings in RFXtrx, so it's not possible to set this yourself.

Settings in RFXtrx (Seen from RFXmgr):
Undec off
X10 enabled
ARC disabled
AC disabled
HomeEasy EU disabled
Meiantech disabled
Oregon Scientific enabled
ATI disabled
Visonic disabled
Mertik disabled
AD disabled
Hideki enabled
La Crosse enabled
FS20 disabled
ProGuard disabled
BlindsT0 disabled
BlindsT1 disabled
AE disabled
RUBiCSON disabled
FineOffset disabled
Lighting4 disabled
RSL disabled
Byron SX disabled
RFU disabled

Settings in Meteohub
logger (15.02.2015 17:36:56): connect station 1 (RFXTRX 433MHz via USB serial).
logger (15.02.2015 17:36:56): station 1 (RFXTRX 433MHz), firmware version: 8.1
logger (15.02.2015 17:36:56): station 1 (RFXTRX 433MHz), frequency: 433.92 MHz
logger (15.02.2015 17:36:56): station 1 (RFXTRX 433MHz), enabled protocols: undecoded, La Crosse, Hideki, Oregon Scientific, X10
Despite Meteohub stating that "Undecoded" is on, it's actually off according to RFXmgr.

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