Raspberry Pi and Arduino cooperation

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Raspberry Pi and Arduino cooperation

Post by eddiegonzales » Tue Jun 25, 2013 10:44 am


Today i'm using a laptop running meteohub with a RFXCOM Transceiver and a OS WMR 88 weatherstation. This because of the very bad RF reception on the WMR88 console. (It cannot reach my Anemometer - but the RFXCOM can.)

The only reason why i still have the WMR88 console connected is because of the Barometer sensor.

Now i thought, would'nt it be great to use something like a Raspberry Pi to host the Meteohub system, and a Arduino Uno as sensor receiver for 433 Mhz sensors?

According to this blog, you can interconnect those 2 devices with the I2C connection: http://blog.oscarliang.net/raspberry-pi ... ected-i2c/

I'm not a programmer, and i have absolutely no experiance with those 2 boards, but i'm looking any solution that can retire my laptop in a energy saving way. And i already have seen solutions that can receive 433 Mhz sensor data on the Arduino Uno connected to at pc like this one: http://www.osengr.org/WxShield/Web/WxShield.html

But there must be somebody who can create the missing link between best of both worlds?


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Re: Raspberry Pi and Arduino cooperation

Post by admin » Tue Jun 25, 2013 9:24 pm

Try to find the indoor temp/hum/baro sensor for Oregon wmr-928/968 (model BTHR918N) which provides baro as regular RF sensor.
So you need neither Arduno nor RPI, any Meteohub platform will do.

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