Twitter feed not automatic

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Twitter feed not automatic

Post by amateurextra » Tue May 28, 2019 2:31 pm

OS Windows 10, Meteobridge 4.0 (May 26 2019, build 12972), FW 1.4, platform TL-MR3020 plus USB Hub

Twitter string - Archbald,PA [hh]:[mm](EDT); Temp [th0temp-act=F.1:--]°F; DewPoint [th0dew-act=F.1:--]°F; Hum [th0hum-act:--]﹪; Winds [wind0dir-act=endir:---] [wind0wind-act=mph.1:--] to [wind0wind-max10=mph.1:--]mph; Rain [rain0total-daysum=in.2:---]in; Baro; [thb0press-act=inHg.2----]inHg via MeteoBridge [mbsystem-swversion] scheduled to send every two hours.

Issue - can manually send the twitter string using test button - results on live data tab - "Twitter Upload: 2019-05-28 08:06:59 Success: 2019-05-28 08:06:56" Manual feed is working.

Data received on twitter - "Archbald,PA 08:06(EDT); Temp 53.8°F; DewPoint 49.1°F; Hum 84.0﹪; Winds WNW 0.0 to 0.0mph; Rain 0.00in; Baro; 28.81inHg via MeteoBridge 4.0". Manual data being received and posted in good order to twitter.

The automated feed is never sent after the manual feed. Solutions greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Christopher Doherty, N3UVR
Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus via MB 4.0

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