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Re: UTC time

Post by jasonmfarrow »

UTC is used for all formal synoptic weather readings in the UK (also known as Zulu time). This is regardless of daylight savings time. UK is +1 on UTC from the end of March to the end of October (BST - British Summer Time).

Right now, GMT = Local Time = UTC; From 28th March, BST = Local Time = UTC+1;

I would suggest being very clear as to what Local Time vs UTC means and what you need Meteobridge to use/report. Personally I use Europe/London so that any data I see is timestamped to match my current watch, iPhone, Laptop time, etc. so there's not chance of confusing my brain into worrying that I've lost an hour of data!
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Re: UTC time

Post by ipe »

When you're working only "at machine level", UTC is sometimes almost mandatory. It avoid confusions in many cases (worldwide data, etc.). It also avoids data duplicity between 2am and 3am, after DST, so I always save time series using UTC. I've been using UTC as local time with Meteohub, and I didn't have any problem in my brain (because I knew what I was doing).

I prefer to use UTC in my new Meteobridge, perhaps only for inercy, and, simply, I've found "the Iceland alternative", because athlantic/reikjavik == UTC

Thank you, anyway

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