Mapping extra sensor temp Hum and soil moisture

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Mapping extra sensor temp Hum and soil moisture

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I would like to make a template for a graph that represents on my second station connected to the Meteobridge PRO, the temperature and humidity of the three internal extra sensors located in the house, "Temperature and Humidity CH1, CH2, CH3".
Also I would like to create another template, again for a graph, for the soil moisture sensor "Soil CH1".
I can't figure out how to map the variables or what variables I have to select in the mapping.
Some idea?

I attach images of the sensors on
2021-01-07 16_20_36-soil.png
2021-01-07 16_20_36-soil.png (133.16 KiB) Viewed 351 times

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Re: Mapping extra sensor temp Hum and soil moisture

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Did you read the wiki in order to know how to create your own template in principle ?
If so, you "just" have to choose the proper sensors.
And "play around" until you have it all together. :wink:
You find them all with their names in either the live data or, even better, in the min/max data.
Or in the History.

Another possibility is the new feature of creating charts interactively (Graphs --> Define Chart).
Did you give that a try already ?

the sensor names for soil moisture are th0!2xhum x=0-7
respectively th1!2xhum etc. depending on your station definition

an example could be
MB-generate-chart-SM-01.JPG (280.43 KiB) Viewed 220 times
result (not extraordinary looking but something to start with)
MB-generate-chart-SM-02.JPG (95.28 KiB) Viewed 220 times
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Re: Mapping extra sensor temp Hum and soil moisture

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Useful information! I'm a beginner and I'm just getting acquainted with the software, I've just registered on the forum to have the opportunity to ask questions of interest.

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