MB 5.1 Software bug - SQL and PM2.5 issue

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MB 5.1 Software bug - SQL and PM2.5 issue

Post by LEB »

I have a MB 3020, running V5.1 Feb 7 2021. My MB is connected to Eco GW1000B. I have set my Meteotemplate to accept additional sensors such as UV and PP1 and PP2. On my MB, I mapped my air0!0pm to air1pm. Upon doing this, I see on my Max/Min the PM measurements. I also see Air measurements under the RAW sensor Data, but upon verifying the api.txt on my Meteotemplate, it does not have a report for PPM1 or PPM2. The SQL database does not show the PPM but the UV values are OK.

I was following another post where someone was running 5.0, and said that the data could only be sent if you set 2 entries air0!0pm to air0!0pm(10microns or default) and then air0!0pm to air1pm. It looks like the bug is still in 5.1, ie one has to have 2 map entries from air0!0pm in order for the data to be sent (just confirmed by looking at the meteotemplatelive.txt:{"U":1612731347,"SW":"meteobridge","T":20.8,"TMX":20.8,"TMN":20.7,"H":46,"P":1011.6,"W":8.5,"G":12.2,"B":261,"R":0.2,"RR":0,"S":102,"UV":2,"TIN":20.6,"HIN":42,"T1":18.7,"H1":48,"SM1":75.7,"SM2":68,"PP0":13,"PP1":13,"UTime":1612731348,"SWTime":1612731348,"TTime":1612731348,"TMXTime":1612731348,"TMNTime":1612731348,"HTime":1612731348,"PTime":1612731348,"WTime":1612731348,"GTime":1612731348,"BTime":1612731348,"RTime":1612731348,"RRTime":1612731348,"STime":1612731348,"UVTime":1612731348,"TINTime":1612731348,"HINTime":1612731348,"T1Time":1612731348,"H1Time":1612731348,"SM1Time":1612731348,"SM2Time":1612731348,"PP0Time":1612731348,"PP1Time":1612731348,"D":8.7,"DTime":1612731348,"A":18.9,"ATime":1612731348}

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Re: MB 5.1 Software bug - SQL and PM2.5 issue

Post by Gyvate »

I recommend reading my post
and use the API string documented there as a http request for meteotemplate.
With that there is no mapping needed and you still get all what is in Meteobridge coming from the GW1000 and what can be stored in Meteotemplate (as MT itself has limitations regarding the number of sensors for PM2.5, SoilMoisture etc.)
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