How-To Import Meteohub Weather Data

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How-To Import Meteohub Weather Data

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When you want to import your Meteohub weather data to a Meteobridge (PRO, NANO SD or RPI) you have to follow these steps.

1) Connect your PC with the Meteohub PC network share. Goto folder "weather". Here you find a folder named "YYYYMM" for each month. Inside the folder you find a text file named "raw" that contains the Meteohub raw weather data of the corresponding month.

2) Copy all raw files to your PC and give them a meaningful name which indicates the year and month the data is representing. If you have multiple years of data you can also copy a year or half a year or a quarter of data into one file. In Windows you can append "2012-01.txt", "2012-02.txt" and "2012-03.txt" into one file "2012-Q1.txt" by the command "COPY 2012-01.txt+2012-02.txt+2012-03.txt 2012-Q1.txt".

3) Copy the (appended) raw data file into the "import" folder on the PC network share of the Meteobridge. As the Meteobridge is usually short on storage don't copy too much files. We recommend to copy just one file, removing this file when the import is done and to start over with the next file.

4) Decide on Meteobridge "System - Administration" tab you you want per minute data logging. Doing so will slow down import and will eat up much more storage. When this option is not selected you can store decades of data on any Meteobridge PRO/SD NANOO/RPI. When you go with "per minute" data storage you should expect a storage demand of abt 300MB per year (just a number of thumb, it will vary with number of sensors, etc). Press "save" when you changed something.

5) Goto tab "History - Import/Export" and select the file to import and "Meteohub Raw Data" as file type. Then press "Import Now" to start the process.

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6) Inspect on "System - Logging" tab that import has been started. Meteobridge will pause import process every few minutes for a while to unlock database for normal operation. Percentage of completion is displayed. When you have "per minute" storage selected it will really take time. Expect 30 minutes for a month of data. But as this is done in background, you shouldn't care too much.

7) When "System - Logging" tab tells you that import is done, you can delete the imported file, copy the next raw data file to the Meteobridge "import" folder and start over at step 5) until all imports are done.

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