How do I reflash Meteobridge

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How do I reflash Meteobridge

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There might be situations where you need to reflash your Meteobridge with the current version of Meteobridge firmware. This can be done for TP-Link units as follows.

0) Download current Meteobridge image for your HW-platform. Make sure to use the right one. Flashing firmware not suitable for your hardware will brick your unit! You find links to the images here: ... g_Hardware
1A) When you are on the Meteobridge web pages, please goto Meteobridge "network" tab and press "expert mode (openwrt)" button on the lower right of the page.
1B) When your Meteobridge gets stuck on the black page and is not downloading application stack from the Internet you can enter openwrt to flash firmware by clicking onto the link on "Option 4".
2) login as user "root", password as with your meteobridge.
3) Select "System" tab of openwrt, then select "Backup / Flash Firmware" secondary tab.
4) Unselect "keep settings" check box.
5) Upload downloaded image via web interface by clicking on "Browse..."
6) Confirm flashing.
7) Wait until unit reboots. Done.

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