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My WH1080 station does not send data anymore

Posted: Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:20 pm
by admin
The FineOffset WH1080 (and similar models like WH3080 and clones) have a tendency to lock-up their USB port sometimes.
Result is that Meteobridge cannot receive any data anymore. To fix this it needs a cold start of the Console. This is done in these steps:

1) disconnect WH1080 console from USB
2) remove batteries from console (if any)
3) disconnect console from power supply
4) wait a minute
5) insert batteries (if any) and reconnect power supply
6) reconnect USB

Please keep in mind that TP-Link based Meteobridges (MR3020, MR3040, WR703N) need a USB hub inbetween console and Meteobridge.