My Davis console (USB datalogger) does not send data anymore

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My Davis console (USB datalogger) does not send data anymore

Post by admin » Sat Jan 09, 2016 12:26 pm

When your Meteobridge stops receiving data from your Davis USB data logger for no apparent reason, there is a chance that the data sending HW in the Davis console has locked up. This does not happen very often, by a power outage or plugging data logger into a running console can make this happen. This is how to resolve the situation:

1) disconnect USB data logger from console or Envoy
2) remove batteries from console (if any)
3) disconnect console from power supply
4) wait a minute
5) reconnect USB data logger
6) insert batteries (if any) and reconnect power supply

Please keep in mind that TP-Link based Meteobridges (MR3020, MR3040, WR703N) need a USB hub in-between Davis USB data logger and Meteobridge.

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