NANO SD: How to migrate to a larger SD card

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NANO SD: How to migrate to a larger SD card

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These are the steps to migrate from the standard 2GB microSD card to larger one. Please notice that you do this on your own and that the NANO will go out of warranty when doing so. Getting the microSD card out of the socket can easily damage the NANO when done with force or without patience.
  • 1. Make sure your larger microSD card is of a supported type (list: ... croSD_Card) and that it contains one partition covering the whole card and that this is a FAT partition. Cards coming directly from manufacturer are configured this way.
  • 2. Goto tab "System - Administration" and backup settings in row "Configuration Data" to your PC. This file contains all the settings you did with the Meteobridge web interface. If things go well, you will not need to restore this file, but it will help to restore your settings if you are stuck somehow and will need to go back to factory defaults.
  • 3. Press "Backup" button in row "Database Maintenance". This copies the database onto the "backup" folder of the SD card.
  • 4. Inspect "System - Logging" tab to make sure the backup has been completed. This will take a while as the database is not just copied but also compressed. During that time no new data is written to the database. Wait until you see the line "backup completed: dbase-YYYYMMDDHHMM.gz" in the log file.
  • 5. Mount the PC network share of your Meteobridge from your PC, goto the "backup" folder and copy the generated file "dbase-YYYYMMDDHHMM.gz" to your PC.
  • 6. Copy the content of the Network share folders "backup" (if there are more backups you want to keep), "charts", "export", "html", "import", "scripts", "templates" to your PC. you will need to restore these files to the new SD card later on.
  • 7. Issue a reboot of the NANO, wait until LED goes off, power down the console, take out NANO.
  • 8. Remove old microSD card. A piece of adhesive tape pressed to the microSD card with the help of a paper clip and pulling the tape with the card out might help to get a grip on it. Please be reminded that you are out of warranty, when you damage the NANO by doing the card exchange.
  • 9. Insert new SD card (video:
  • 10. Insert NANO into the console and power up console. NANO is expected to show up as before, as WLAN settings etc are stored in root file system on internal flash and are not located on the changed SD card.
  • 11. Check on "System - Information" tab that new SD card is recognized correctly and proper size is displayed (might be a bit smaller as expected).
  • 12. Copy the files saved in step 6 back to the corresponding folders of the PC network share of your new NANO.
  • 13. Goto "System - Administration" tab and select the formerly generated database backup with "restore database from" option in row "Database Maintenance". Wait until this text appears in log file: "database restore completed."
  • 14. Reboot NANO, it should now be fully operational again.

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