Meteobridge just shows OpenWrt login

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Meteobridge just shows OpenWrt login

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When you see just the screen below and Meteobridge keeps fast blinking forever, that is an indication that it cannot connect to the Internet.
openwrt.png (13.65 KiB) Viewed 3434 times
Most popular reason is that you changed something with your network settings in Meteobridge.
When you did change to static IP you might have not set the right mask, gateway and/or DNS IP.
Failing one of these will make your Meteobridge disfunctional.

How to recover.

1. Reset meteobridge to default LAN DHCP mode:
Press button until LED goes on again. Immediately release button.
Meteobridge will restart in DHCP client mode and will get an IP from the router.

2. Wait until fast blinking goes to steady light. This indicates that Meteobridge did
connect fine to the Internet and is operational.

3. Findout IP via one of the methods:
a) use an IP scanner
b) insert FAT32 formatted USB stick into Meteobridge,
wait 5 seconds,
press button shortly,
wait 5 seconds,
pull USB stick and read file "network.log" from it. It contains the IP

4. Login at the found IP
When you still get the OpenWrt screen instead of the Metobridge login screen, then your browser's
cache is fooling you. Try restart the browser or press "Return to Meteobridge" zu get the correct
login screen, which pops up as a standard http login screen with user name and passwort of
your browser.

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