How to add a new Language to Meteobridge

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How to add a new Language to Meteobridge

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Meteobridge can be applied with individual language files.

This is done in a few steps:
1) Download the template to fill in your translation. This is done on "System" tab. Select "English" as language and press "download language file" button.
2) Edit file with an UTF-8 aware editor like notepad++, because ISO coded special characters won't do in Meteobridge. Filling the language file is done line by line. Each line starts with the English phrase to translate, followed by two colons "::". Place the translation directly behind the double colons. Go through all the lines. If you don't want to translate a phrase, you can leave the space right to the "::" blank. In that case the orignal English phrase is used instead.
3) To test your translations, you can login to Meteobridge via SSH (user "root", password as you did choose it) and place the file temporarily for testing at "/home/meteohub/Spanish.lang". Now a reload of the "System" tab will show "Spanish" as a new language alternative. File extension needs to be ".lang", file name is used in Meteobridge's langage selection menu. Once you are fine with testing, please send the language file to "info(at)" so that it can be made part of the next distribution.
4) Over time new phrases will occur (or phrases might change). To adapt translation, switch Meteobridge to the language you want to alter and download the file. The file will include given translations and will also list new phrases which don't have a translation so far. Just edit this file and do as described above. By that an incremental development/adaption of translation files is supported.

Example snippit for Dutch (file "Dutch.lang"):

Code: Select all

1 hour::1 uur
1 retry::1 nieuwe poging
10 minutes::10 minuten
10 retries::10 nieuwe pogingen
100 retries::100 nieuwe pogingen
15 minutes::15 minuten
2 hours::2 uur
2 retries::2 nieuwe pogingen
20 retries::20 nieuwe pogingen
30 minutes::30 minuten
3G IP::3G IP
3G Mask::3G Mask
3G only::alleen 3G
5 minutes::5 minuten
5 retries::5 nieuwe pogingen
50 retries::50 nieuwe pogingen
Acceptance of license terms is a prerequisite for using this application::Acceptatie van de licentievoorwaarden is een vereiste voor het gebruik van deze toepassing
Activate PIN::Activeer PIN
Add more Weather Networks::Voeg meer netwerken toe
Advanced Settings::Geavanceerde instellingen
Alarm Mode::Alarm modus
Alarm Service::Alarm dienst
Allow <i>smartbedded UG</i> a remote login when provided the MAC::Sta <i>smartbedded UG</i> toe om remote ondersteuning te bieden als u het MAC adres doorgeeft 
Annual Rain::
Authentication done::Authenticatie afgehandeld

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