Meteostick v2.2 now handles Australian Davis frequencies

All about the cool new device that can read RF data directly from Davis® weather stations

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Meteostick v2.2 now handles Australian Davis frequencies

Post by admin » Sun Apr 05, 2015 10:55 am

With the kind help of an Australian Meteostick buyer, who discovers the frequencies used by the
Australian Davis sensor models, we were able to add support for Australian Davis Equipment
on latest Meteostick firmware (version 2.2).

Firmware can be downloaded from:

Latest Meteobridge version and to be released Meteohub version 5.0j do support
selection of Australia frequency band. Please update Meteostick firmware to latest version
by calling "http:/ip-of-meteohub-or-meteobridge/cgi-bin/stickupdate.cgi" before making
use of this feature.

Firmware 2.2 also improves on frequency hopping, when some of the packets were lost.

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