Meteostick does not have the fake FTDI chip issue

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Meteostick does not have the fake FTDI chip issue

Post by admin » Thu Oct 23, 2014 11:08 pm

Today stories about fake FTDI chips (the ones that are used for providing serial
connections via USB) pop up. FTDI has decided to implement into their drivers
for Windows and MAC OS X that when such a fake chip is detected, it will be
somehow bricked (vendor id reprogrammed). So every device out there, which
has a fake FTDI FT232RL chip in it, will be rendered useless once connected
with a PC that has this latest FTDI driver installed.

More details: ... e-supereal

The Meteosticks also have those FTDI chips, so we were concerned we might
also have this problem. I just checked, and Meteosticks are fine. The new FTDI
drivers don't brick the Meteosticks. May be it was not a too bad decision to have
this all manufactured here in Germany where the company doing the PCB and
assembly is sourcing chips via trustworthy distribution channels.

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