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Meteohub Alternative ?

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 3:12 pm
by efiten
As i can see, Meteohub is not really supported anymore, what is a good alternative (paid or not)?
I have a Rpi 3B, and and rfxtrx433e 433Hhz receiver that connects to my Oregon WMR-200 weather station.

I still like to upload my data to several weather pages


Re: Meteohub Alternative ?

Posted: Tue Sep 15, 2020 4:08 pm
by wvdkuil
One can disagree with " MH is not really supported anymore" , I would rephrase "is not extended as much as a MB anymore".

With the latest multi-station feature the MB is IMHO surpassing the MH on every aspect.
Using a MB, you can now add extra sensors from other manufacturers to use with your current Oregon also.

So why not test a MB as the facilities as "uploading to all possible weather-pages" , sending e-mails, using twitter a.s.o. always has been the strong points of a MB.

For sure, you will be surprised by the extra nice things you can do with a MB, even the least expensive version,


Re: Meteohub Alternative ?

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 1:26 pm
I would take the responsive design of the administration. More chart options. For example, use multiple time stamps in the chart (comparison of years, etc.). The data that the meteohub stores is really very little used.

An alternative would be useful. It is a pity that the meteoric mushroom is not an open source so that it can be further developed by someone else.

Moreover, if more meteorological stations are imported into the meteo hub, then the export to the XML feed does not contain all the data. They are missing there, they are omitted, which I consider to be a BUG. Admin meteohub does not respond, which is a shame. Such a shame!

Re: Meteohub Alternative ?

Posted: Wed Sep 16, 2020 6:28 pm
by BigAlT
I would tend to agree that the Meteohub Platform is “ not really supported any longer “ as Boris is no longer developing it by adding new features, adding support for new weather stations or doing anything else except continuing to provide the online server access to continue operation of the platform itself. The only two version upgrades in the last several years were to change the expiration date of the demo version and to change the payment method for the “ life time license “. I truly understand why he is devoting most of his time and energy to the development of the MB Platform as it requires a license renewal fee every two years. With the amount of time and energy he devotes to the continued development and updates to the MB platform he deserves to be compensated. He should be complimented for keeping the Meteohub System running even though he no longer receives much if any financial support from it, instead preferring to direct his efforts to the Meteobridge Platform which is based on Open Wrt rather than the Meteohub Platform which is based on the no longer supported Debian Wheezy OS. To upgrade Meteohub to the current Debian Jessie would probably require an extensive rewrite of the software, an expenditure of time and effort that doesn’t seem financially rewarding.

The only problem with the MB is that it doesn’t run on an RPi. It does require a relatively low cost router that you need to purchase already modified with the necessary firmware or purchase yourself and do the modification yourself with the firmware downloadable from the MB wiki. I have a MB Nano myself and it works great though the Nano only supports the Davis Vantage Vue and Vantage Pro 2 Weather Stations.
The only alternative that I’m aware of that runs on an RPi ( I’m using it on a RPi 3B myself ) and supports the WMR200 is the free open source program Weewx ( ). If you know how to access your RPi via SSH you should be able to install and configure weewx. I was a complete novice in Linux/Debian when I started but managed to learn enough to get it running fine.