Configuration questions for MB Pro

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Configuration questions for MB Pro

Post by FSC830 » Mon May 08, 2017 4:24 pm


I received my weatherboxx Pro today and need some hints for setting up the system properly.
Most of the answers I found in the wiki, but some are still open...

1st: I am using a Davis Vantage Pro and Meteotemplate for displaying the data in the web. Until today I used the origin Davis weatherlink software (USB) for uploading the data using customized templates.
In Meteotemplate I used the option "custom file" for updating the database.

Starting today I intend to replace the PC with the MB but I am stucking with several issues.

2nd: is there a more detailed description/manual for configuring the sensors at the "Live Data Page" available? What does it exactly mean "use as primary sensor"?
Do values from the primary override or suppress others? I guess so because when selecting the indoor temp as primary the website displays the outdoor temp with this value!
And what does indoor temp exactly mean? This seems to be a silly question but the indoor temp sensor delivers a value of 37°C and more, which is absolutly wrong!
The indoor temperature is not exceeding 22°C, currently I placed the MB in an unheated room, estimated temp. is about 15°C, but it still reports about 37°C!
I guess it measures and displays the internal temperature of the MB housing!?
Whatever it displays, it can not be the indoor temp received from the Vantage. The console shows an indoor temp. from abt. 22°C constantly.

It seems that wind0 is not the windsensor from ISS (Integrated Sensor Suite or base unit) but from an external windsensor whereas wind#1 is not used. My expectation was that wind0 belongs to the ISS and wind#1 is an external sensor.
So the naming is a little bit puzzling...

The origin data received from my weather station show me a total rain value for today of 3.6mm, whereas the MB Pro shows "0", is that because the historical data is to old, it rains during night but I set up MB around noon?

Pressure: in Live Data I see pressure whit a decimal (i.e. xxxx.4 hPa) , but it seems that MB is uploading the data as an integer so it shows always xxxx.0 hPa at the web, is it possible the change the format so that the upload contains the decimal value?
I did not found the possibility for customizing the Meteotemplate upload, only for FTP upload.
I can see this also clearly in the database updates, i.e. last update with WL software shows 1016.100 hPa, all following entries from MB are showing 1016.000 hPa, the decimal is missing.


Edit: one solution I found myself: the decimal for pressure is seen when choosing sensor "thb0seapress". Strange that decimal is suppressed at other pressure sensors...

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