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Use Raspberry pi and RFXtrx433E with Oregons sensors

Posted: Mon Dec 14, 2015 8:31 pm
by Armond

I am using WMR100n weatherstation with a laptop (Virtual Weather Station software). I upload weatherdata to my webpage.
The laptop is on 24/7, so I am thinking about another sulotion.

The solution should be:
- Meteohub
- Raspberry Pi
- RFXtrx433E
- Oregon Scientific sensors (rain, wind, temp etc.)
- Wi-Fi

I am a newbie on Raspberry pi and RFXtrx433E, and my question is how difficult it should be to get it work? Have anyone some experience?
Why I should use a RFXtrx433E, is while I am learning to get it work, my laptop and wmr100n still can upload weatherdata to the internet.
Can I still use my own webpage template?