Meteohub - remote access

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Meteohub - remote access

Post by aco186 » Wed Mar 21, 2012 3:37 pm

Few weeks ago I bought meteohub/meteoplug and weather station WS 1080. I have also made some simple websites and everything is running fine. Now I'd like to make two things:
1. Use WDLive with license
2. Make and later also service some more websites.

The problem is, that I want that everything is running on meteohub server (not on PC) and that my weather station and meteohub/meteoplug are located two hours drive away from my home. So Meteohub should be reached thought Internet.
My questions:
1. How to install and which version of WDLive on meteoplug,
2. How to download/upload meteuhub's /public files thought Internet.
I must also admit, that I know nothing about Linux.

If somebody has some experience, please some advice.

P.S. I have also two IP Cameras and I'm looking for surveillance software, which can be installed on meteoplug or some other Plug computer.

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Re: Meteohub - remote access

Post by panos1981 » Sun Dec 21, 2014 11:00 pm

Can anyone, please, explane to me which steps I must follow in order to apply the settings which are described in this part of Meteohub' s manual?

"If you already have a web server running in your LAN that can be reached from the
outside on port 80, you can configure your router to forward requests on port 7777
to Meteohub on port 80. As port 7777 is defined In this case Meteohub's
administration web interface can be reached from the Internet like this
"http://......:7777/admin.html". Most routers support these kind of port forwarding."

The router I use is a TP-Link TD8840.


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