Calculate Sun Duration from Temperatur Difference - Help !?

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Calculate Sun Duration from Temperatur Difference - Help !?

Post by hallansen » Tue Jun 17, 2014 11:21 pm


I would like set up a sun detection (virtuell data* parameter) function with sun duration check by analysing a temperatur difference.

Therefore I´ve installed an additionell temp sensor direct in sunlight.
My experience was (tested over last 14 days) if I have a difference higher then 5-7 I can say, sun is shining.

But it seems impossible to get a correct data value via configuring a virtuell sensor.
I´ve set up a virtual sensor t20 with sensdiffmaster and sensdiffslave. So I get the difference.
But then is end with my skills.

The next step would be to trigger the virtual sensor t20 if the value is higher than 5 (for example) in order to get a 0 or 1 value.
But I can´t trigger a virtual sensor again. :twisted: :twisted:
It is important to get a data value.
So meteohub can calculate a duration via datasum function (similar function works great with my rain detector for anlysing the rain duration).

O.K., has somebody from the professionell guys a solution for my problem or a new approach ?
you are my last hope !

p.s. sorry for my english !

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