How to manually install an update?

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How to manually install an update?

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Meteohub versions 4.9w and 4.9x can't update automatically caused by a bug in their update procedures.
You can go to 4.9y and newer by installing these updates manually.

This can be done in 5 simple steps.
  • Download update file from Meteohub server. URL is documented here:
    Updates are different for NSLU2 and other platforms. Difference is that NSLU2 version just contains
    NSLU2 files, while non-NSLU2 still contains files for all platforms. Reason is that NSLU2 can't load
    a 9 MB file into RAM caused by memory restrictions.
  • When you have the file downloaded, mount Meteohub as a PC network share (Samba). User and
    password are "meteohub". Meteohub needs to be in the same workgroup as your PC. You can set
    workgroup on settings page of Meteohub.
  • Copy downloaded update file (extension is .upd) to Meteohub PC network share folder "/public/transfer/"
  • Go to Meteohub maintenance page and insert path "/data/transfer/update-v4.9y.upd" (assuming
    the update file you downloaded was named "update-v4.9y.upd" and press "update (manual)" button.
  • Wait until Meteohub reboots and check on "System Info" page that it has migrated to new version.
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