Importing raw files to meteobridge get slower and slower

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Importing raw files to meteobridge get slower and slower

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I run a Meteohub server since 2011 with a Davis Vantage Pro weather station and decided to move to Meteobridge and a much faster Raspi 4B with 32 GB sdcard.
On the weekend I tried to import the meteohub raw files. I copied the raw files together so I got one data file for each year back to 2011.
Then I imported the files year by year.
- from 2021 to 2015 that run very smoothly. Each year took around 15 to 20 minute to import the data
- 2014 took around 90 minutes
- 2013 took around 180 minutes
Then I stopped importing (2012 and 2011 is still missing) because I don't trust the database if they can handle such an amount of data or maybe the database needs to be reorganised.
Is anyone knowing if the behaviour with the slowing down of importing data is normal or if I need to do something before I can import the last two years of data to Meteobridge?


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