Min/Max Historical Data: sensors of added station not shown

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Min/Max Historical Data: sensors of added station not shown

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Meteobridge 5.4 (Jul 26 2022, build 2826), FW 1.3 (on RPi4)
I recently added a 3rd station what load-wise isn't an issue for a RPi4B-2GB.
In the Raw Sensor data tab all sensors from all stations are shown - HOWEVER in the Min/Max Historical Data tab quite of few of the sensors of the 3rd station are missing even though they have already provided data.

Apart from the fact that I never understood how this table is sorted (roughly 0 --> 1 --> 2, but some 0 and 1 (station #) appear out of alphabetical sorting sequence, sometimes only at the end of the list), the 3rd station data appear truncated - only sensors starting with "th" are shown - no air quality, no wind, no solar, no lightning, just only sensors whose name starts with "th". Station 0 and 1 sensors are complete.

So I'm wondering where this comes from - I would expect to see them all - or is there a limit for the possible line items in that list ?

Not sure if this can provide a hint - the 3rd station added is an Ecowitt GW2001 (GW2000 + WS90 with a second rain gauge connected [rain1 sensor]) running with the MB GW1000 API interface/driver.
That same station runs flawlessly on a test MB Pro as the only station. There, for station 0, all sensors are shown in the Min/Max history (build 14798).
WH4000SE 1.6.4/1 x DP1500/4 x GW1000 1.7.4/GW1100 2.1.4/HP1000SE Pro 1.8.1/2 x WH2650 1.7.4/GW2000 2.1.7
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