Cannot add indoor THB sensor again

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Cannot add indoor THB sensor again

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My old VUE console had a bad barometer, so I didn't have THB0 selected on meteohub.

I recently decided to connect another VUE console with a good barometer in its place.

Initially I could see a selection under Sensors for "indoor" and I chose THB0 and gave it a name. If I don't select an ID and give it a name, it appears to be accepting the data. Once an ID/Name is assigned it breaks...

Ever after, I get:

error connect socket :Connection refused
Warning: Data logging has been halted.

If I deselect the indoor/THB0 selection (and delete the name), it will eventually find the wind, rain and outdoor sensors and everything works again.

I even did a reset and re-entered my registration key and station info thinking that something was "left over" from before. I even tried adding it as an "Additional ID", which seemed at first like it "took" it, but no plot resulted barometer graph.

Greg H.
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