New Raspberry PI / Davis Vantage Pro 2 setup

all about Meteohub on the new Raspberry PI platform

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New Raspberry PI / Davis Vantage Pro 2 setup

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I currently have a Davis Vantage Pro 2 that is logging data using an IP logger to Weatherlink and I have my weatherunderground account connected to weatherlink.

I am interested in setting up a Raspberry Pi 3 with Meteohub. From what I understand I can buy the meteohub software license, download the raspberry pi image, take the USB data logger from the Vantage Pro 2 console and connect it to a USB port on the raspberry pi and everything should work after I go through the web based configuration. Am I understanding this correctly?

What are the most common sites that people integrate Meteohub with other than Weather Underground?

Are there any other suggestions? Anything I'm missing?



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Re: New Raspberry PI / Davis Vantage Pro 2 setup

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The last RPi model that Meteohub fully supports is the 3B. You can get the 3B+ working using the Frankenkernal mod described in the Frankenkernal Post on this Forum. However, that mod only works on version 5.1a. If you upgrade to 5.1b it will corrupt the installation requiring you to totally reinstall the Meteohub software and reinstall the Frankenkernal mod.
If you want to upload your data to more than WeatherLink and WU with a plug & play module take a look at the WiFi Logger and the Meteobridge Nano SD. They both replace the Davis USB data Logger and connect via WiFi to your router. They both connect to multiple weather networks. The WiFi Logger is considerably less money and has unlimited firmware upgrades, the Meteobridge Nano SD, while much more expensive, has many more capabilities and has onboard historical data storage on it’s SLC type memory micro SD card ( but will require a new subscription for firmware upgrades every 2 years ).

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