Connection of VP2 Anemometer to MB Pro

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Connection of VP2 Anemometer to MB Pro

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Hello everybody,

I need some advice for my installation of a VP2 with MBPro.

The installation situation is as follows: ISS with Temp, Rain, UV etc is placed 90m from a building. Anenmometer is placed in 12m height on top of the building. Because of better RF signal reception and power supply, MB Pro is located inside the building with a external RF-Antenna which is fixed on the pole that is holding the anenmometer (with 5m cable to RF antenna).

My first idea was to directly connect the anenmometer to the MBPro, so I can avoid buying the anenmometer transmitter kit (which would also be fixed right next to the external RF-Antenna of the MBPro). I was wondering if I could connect the Anemometer from a Vantage Pro 2 somehow over a USB/Serial adapter that is attached directly to the MBPRo (red)?

Thanks in advance,

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Re: Connection of VP2 Anemometer to MB Pro

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A direct attachment via cable is not possible.

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