Meteohub does not log weather data after update to v4.x

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Meteohub does not log weather data after update to v4.x

Post by admin » Sun Feb 01, 2009 11:34 am

After Update to Version 4.x Meteohub does not log any weather data and "Sensors" page does show just additional sensors, no sensors related to a weather station or sensor data is displayed.

Your weather station has to be configured from scratch when doing an update from 3.x to 4.x. This is just a one time effort. Updates in the 4.x space won't make this necessary again.

1) goto page "Weather Station"
2) select your weather station from "add weather station" drop-down list.
3) specify the connection type (USB HID, USB serial, serial, ...) and the device that makes the connection ("/dev/ttyUSB0", etc) and press "Save"
4) goto "Sensors" page and wait until all sensors of your weather station appear (with current weather data at the right). Press "Refresh" from time to time to get the display updated.
5) At the bottom of the page you see the sensor definition you have used in 3.x. You can take this list as a reference for setting up the newly assigned weather station as it has been with 3.x Meteohub.
6) Give all received sensors a unique ID and if you like, a name as well. When you make use of IDs listed in the "additional Sensors" field at the bottom, delete the IDs there as Meteohub will otherwise report an error of using an ID twice when pressing save.
7) When done press "Save" to store changes and make them active. If errors occur, make the necessary changes.

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