Considerations on Powering the Meteobridge NANO

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Considerations on Powering the Meteobridge NANO

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The VoCore2 SOC of the NANO operates on voltages between 6 to 3.6 volts and has a peak current draw of 500 mA. While the VoCore2 normally operates well under 200 mA it can really max up to 500 mA when WiFi is sending at full power. Meteobridge NANO uses two batches of the VoCore2 SOCs, the one with the black ribbon (picture on the right) shipped in the past and the new ones with a red ribbon (picture on the left). Black ribbon NANOs have a VoCore2 that is limited by itself in regard to WiFi transmission power, while the red ribbon version can go to the 500 mA limit.
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As Davis consoles and Envoys are fed by a 5 volt 300 mA power supply it is obvious that this can be insufficient. With the black ribbon NANOs situation is OK, as the 300 mA border is mostly not reached and NANOs onboard buffer capacitors can handle short voltage drop spikes fine. With the red ribbon NANOs the situation is handled by reducing the TX power emission via software by setting specific radio parameters of the VoCore2 SOC. We do that to allow you to operate the NANO as a true plugin without the need to use or purchase additional items.

As we are on the edge in regard to power consumption there can be situations where your power supply might be a bit under the official specs and the NANO might draw a bit more energy than our test samples. If those variances meet, voltage of the power supply might drop below a critical level and you might see spontaneous reboots of your NANO. If you are facing this you can apply two cures:

1) You can add batteries. Having batteries these will step in on the power demand spikes and will help the power supply to maintain the necessary voltage level. Think of the batteries as a power reserve, which is just used when the power supply struggles. Even if you don't face reboot situations, having these batteries is recommended. Batteries used in addition to the power supply are expected to last very long as they only step in on the rare occasions when needed.

2) You can get a more beefy power supply and all worries are gone forever. I have heard that Davis itself now sells 1A versions of the console power supply, so you might ask your dealer when you are keen to a Davis original replacement. How much current your power supply can deliver is written on the specs sticker at the bottom of the supply. When you are willing to get a third party one for less than 10 bucks from amazon, ebay, aliexpress or alike search for 5V 1A models with a barrel plug with 3.5mm outer diameter size and inner hole diameter of 1.35mm. Plus pole must be on the inner hole. Examples of fitting models: As these power supplies have a straight barrel (not a 90° model as the Davis supply) it might not work with a Vantage console that is standing on the table.

We added a "Power Boost" option for the red ribbon NANOs to make full use of the WiFi transmission power of these models in case you are operating on batteries or (better) with a 1A power supply. This option can be selected on the "network" tab of affected models. Please don't use this if your power supply does not give the needed juice, it will be stuck in reboots for sure. To give you a chance to disable this feature the full WiFi emission power is enabled after waiting 10 minutes past starting the NANO.
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Some of the Davis 300 mA power supplies are told to struggle on initial power-on of the NANO module. This is because the NANOs do have buffer capacitors (2000 uF) on board which draw a lot of current when filling up for the first time. When the NANO LED does not show any sign of life within 10 seconds after power-on, please disconnect power and quickly connect power again. By this the capacitors still have a certain voltage level, which makes starting up more easy for the power supply. Reboots later on are no problem. Only a few Davis power supplies behave like this, so chance is good you never need to power cycle a second time.
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Re: Considerations on Powering the Meteobridge NANO

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Re: Considerations on Powering the Meteobridge NANO

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They may fit the console but the Envoy requires a very compact right angle plug and anything that is adapted will not fit. The Envoy is best using a straight plug and the smaller the better especially in the body.
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Re: Considerations on Powering the Meteobridge NANO

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I decided to upgrade the power adapter in spite of having the black model. I ordered the following 3 items from amazon.
Power adapter - ... UTF8&psc=1
5.5x2.1 -> Adapters ... UTF8&psc=1
Ferrite RFI Chokes ... UTF8&psc=1

The 3.5x1.35 adapter that came with the power adapter would not plug into the Vantage Pro 2 console I realized this ahead of time so I ordered the 5.5x2.1 -> 3.5x1.35 adapters. The 5.5x2.1 -> 3.5x1.35 adapter also would not plus into the Console either so I had to mill one down to fit. see attached photo.
Added the Ferrite RFI choke since Davis most likely had a reason for adding one the their power adapter.
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Re: Considerations on Powering the Meteobridge NANO

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I have a Davis Vantage VUE with the attached power supply, and a MB with the Black Ribbon. I have, on occasion, experienced what seems to be wireless connection related drops and MB going offline. I realize there are other factors involved (optimal placement of device, etc) but should I (or can I) use "the more beefy supply", Amazon: ... y0_hl_23_6, option that Boris mentions. Thanks for any feedback :)
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