Missing wind gust data

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Missing wind gust data

Post by sebi » Sun Oct 22, 2017 8:25 pm


after testing the MPB for about 2 weeks now i'am very happy with the possibilities so far.

Today we had a windy day in germany, i compared the recorded wind gust values from MBP (internal RF Modul for Davis Vantage in use) with the Davis console. Davis console said 55 km/h, MBP said 49 km/h. I went into the MBP history and corrected the wind gust value between 10-11 o'clock to 15.3 m/s. From this time on the chart.html does not show wind gust values between 10-11 o'clock. Also in my hourly *.csv export file the wind gust values between 10-11 o'clock are missing. Is this a bug or due to internal MBP processing?



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